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Beautina Herbal

Beautina has its own medicine one for pimples & acne and one for cracked feet. And these 2 medicines are the key of the success of Beautina. Any pimpled skin which dermatologists cannot cure is cured by Beautina with 7 days guarantee.

Our List of  Treatments 

  • Hair Treatments
  • Body Treatment
  • Face Teatment

Hair Treatment

We provide treatment for hair fall, dandruff, limp hair, hair regrowth, etc at a very comfortable price by hair therapists.

Body Treatment

Body Treatment We provide a body spa with herbal & mineral products to rejuvenate the body by an expert spa therapist only.

Face Treatment

 Face treatment is the specialty of Beautina. We are providing various types of facial treatment for wrinkled, pigmented, dull, and acne-prone skin etc is done by trained beautician skin diagnosis.